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Craniosacral Therapy is beneficial to you, the new mother and can assist with the physical changes and adjustments that take place after pregnancy. It is not surprising that you may find that you have lower back pain, after all you have been carrying a considerable weight for months and the muscles and joints will have adapted to take account of this. Your muscles have been stretched and your pelvis will have adapted to allow your baby to be delivered safely and with as little trauma as possible to you both.

There are many areas where Craniosacral Therapy can be of help including the physical and sometimes the emotional.

So if you have a need please feel free to call me for advice or an informal chat about anything that concerns you, or simply to assure yourself that Craniosacral Therapy can help.

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Even in the easiest of deliveries, the process of being born puts extraordinary strain on the baby. Quick deliveries, the use of suction, forceps or Caesarean section, can all add to the compressive or stressful influences on the baby’s body and nervous system. This can result in symptoms that are well known to parents of new-borns; Colic, Restlessness, Sleeping Problems and the impression that all is “ Not Right” or that the baby is Unsettled in some way.

Symptoms such as Colic can be caused by mechanical factors associated with birth when compressive forces can have an effect on the cranial nerves that control sucking, swallowing and digestion.

Often babies with Colic have restrictions in the neck, the base of the cranium, or the diaphragm, all of which can affect the nerve function.

For babies who have had a more traumatic birth using vent Ouse, forceps, or caesarean delivery, states of over activity or under activity, ( sometimes displayed as withdrawal, excessive sleeping or lack of response) in their nervous system can lead to crying, restlessness or an inability to feed. Restoring balance to the nervous system can in these cases has a remarkable effect on the baby’s well-being (and that of the parents.)

What are seemingly simple problems associated with birth such as those mentioned, can sometimes develop into problems later in life such as depression, migraine, and sinusitis, spinal and pelvic pain to name a few.

What is amazing is how quickly babies and young children respond to treatment with most conditions resolving in only one or two sessions.

“One hundred years from now it will not
Matter what kind of car you drove,
What kind of house you lived in,
How much you had in your bank account,
Or what your clothes looked like.
But the world may be a little better,
Because you were important in the life of a child.

Margaret Fishback Powers

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