Fertility & Pregnancy


When we mention the word fertility we tend to be referring to the opposite, infertility, in both men and women. The fact that there is a problem with conception can have devastating effects for both partners irrespective of where the problem lies. And it is a fact that on many occasions there is no identifiable cause after lengthy and exhaustive examinations, and many interventions.

In an estimated 40 percent of cases of childlessness the problem lies with the man; and in another 40 percent with the woman only; and in about 20 percent the problem has to do with the couple. The latter category includes “ unexplained” infertility, meaning cases where no problem is found in either partner , but the woman still fails to become pregnant.

The main causes of female infertility are either mechanical or hormonal, whilst in men they often remain obscure, but include malformation and impotence, and may include being overweight or substance and alcohol abuse, or low sperm count and morbidity.

Whatever the reason childlessness can be a source of emotional conflict between couples resulting in high stress levels, which compound the situation making matters considerably worse. It is ironic that stress itself and the stress hormones that are produced as a result are a major contributing factor in infertility.

Can Craniosacral Therapy help? Yes most definitely.

Since Craniosacral Therapy deals with the whole body by releasing blockages to the natural flow of health, it will address the problems at source, whatever they are, allowing the body’s inherent healing abilities to be engaged with the assistance of your Therapist.


Well done and congratulations you are going to be a Mom! How amazing is that?

Being Pregnant and having a baby is the most natural and exciting thing that you will experience in your life, but there are going to be a lot of changes.

From the point of conception your whole body is immediately adapting to a new role, that of pregnancy, when a whole raft of shifts from within come into play as determined by the parameters of motherhood.

Joints begin to open and soften, muscles relax, and hormones become available to prepare you for the journey leading to the birth of a new life. Your baby! You may find that you suffer with back pain and aching during the second half of your pregnancy as the baby grows and gains weight bringing pressure to bear on the lower back causing sciatic pain down your legs.

Throughout the course of your pregnancy you will change in so many ways through the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual, with the one aim; to produce a healthy and beautiful baby.

It is not surprising then that sometimes you will feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you are getting from well-meaning friends and family, and the professionals, so it is not my intention to add to this by listing what you can expect to happen or giving friendly advice.

I simply want to let you know that Craniosacral Therapy can help you through your pregnancy, from those times when you may be a little weepy, to the physical challenges as mentioned above.

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